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About ecoGEO Energy Inc.

ecoGEO Energy Inc is a Service Organization licensed by Natural Resource Canada to deliver residential energy assessments to existing and new homes across Canada. Under various Provincial and local programs, property owners can qualify for grants and rebates by improving the energy efficiency of their homes, and reducing their home’s energy bill and impact on the environment.

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Improving the energy efficiency of your home, reducing your home’s energy bill and impact on the environment.

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Provincial Incentive Programs and Rebate:


Alberta has lunched its Home Energy Plan program to help home owners reduce energy consumption by providing energy upgrade rebate.For details, please visit, and call us for an energy assessment for the first step of the program incentives.

Join Us:

ecoGEO Energy Inc is an equal opportunity employer, and always looking for qualified energy advisors across Canada to join us. If you have background or knowledge on house construction, such as house renovation, house inspection, HVAC technician, we would like to talk with your about Energy Advisor training.

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